Vanessa Graziele StaggemeierHi, I graduated in Biology in December 2005. In my Bachelor’s project I studied factors that affect frugivory by birds in disturbed areas and continuous forests.In August 2008 I got my Master’s degree in Plant Biology.
During my research I assessed how ecological and phylogenetic factors affect the reproduction of plants of the tribe Myrteae (Myrtaceae) in Cardoso Island State Park (Cananéia, São Paulo, Brazil).Nowadays, I study a further aspect of my Master’s research: Myrteae reproduction in three areas of Atlantic Forest (São Paulo State, Brazil).
In Cardoso Island, in particular, I am measuring the contribution of Myrteae to the fauna in terms of fruit production per hectare.On my website you can find out more about me and my research interests. Enjoy it!GalleryResearchPersonalPublications
Contact information:
skype: nessa_bio2002
mobile phone: 55 11 7268 7329
address: Laboratório de Fenologia, Departamento de Botânica, Av. 24A, 1515, Bela Vista, Rio Claro/SP, Brazil. CEP 13506-900, C.P.199 mailto:v.staggemeier@gmail.comshapeimage_10_link_0
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